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Sneak Peek: Custom Leather Cardholders Coming Soon

Posted by Cuckoo Nest Art Studio on

At Cuckoo Nest Art Studio, we’re known for our quality custom leather watchbands. While leather is our material of choice, we already offer a few other leather accessories. For example, you ca

n find key chains, bracelets, and belts on our website. Soon, we’ll be adding leather cardholders, too.

Unique Leather Cardholders

The cardholders will be just as unique as the watches. Every item is handcrafted and dyed individually, which is why no two products will look exactly the same. We will offer the cardholders in different colors much like our watchbands. The stitching will vary for each product, allowing you to choose from different options.

These cardholders will be the perfect size to put in your pants pocket. They allow you to carry the cards you need without carrying a bulky bag or purse if you don’t want. They can hold your driver’s license, discount cards, or credit cards. If you already have one of our unique leather watchbands, you can get a cardholder to match.

Available on Our Website Soon

These cardholders will be available on our website first. We’re doing this to allow our current customers to take advantage of this unique offer first. So keep checking back for this new product release!

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