Cuckoo Nest Art Studio - Custom Leather Watchbands, Watches and more!

Posted by Cuckoo Nest Art Studio on Apr 17th 2017

Cuckoo Nest Art Studio - Custom Leather Watchbands, Watches and more!

The Artist and Inspiration

Cuckoo Nest Art Studio is a labor of love that combines creative, unique designs with skill and talent to provide customers with the most quality leather pieces available. Paul, who has been creating art with leather since he was 10, came from a family of artists. He confesses that creating the one-of-a-kind pieces brings him much joy, and he derives inspiration from not only his own designs, but also, the ideas that customers bring him. Paul is 

more than happy to bring your dream creations to life, and provide you with the perfect piece you envision. Custom orders are not only welcomed, but appreciated. You can purchase directly from our secure and private website.

Why Buy Handmade?

Purchasing handmade items ensures you own something completely unique. 

Cuckoo Nest Art Studio

Handmade, hand-tooled watches, bands, and bracelets offer a quality that store-bought items can’t promise. Custom watches and bands provide you with a one-of-a-kind piece that is completely yours, and you choose the design elements that make it all your own.This is an opportunity that’s not common, and a chance to own pieces that really stand out and fit in with your existing look. Also, pieces are customized to fit your wrist perfectly; no more watches that fit too tightly or too loosely. Imagine wearing a watch that was made just for you!

Since each item is made to order, allow up to three weeks for each piece to be carefully created. 

This includes cutting the leather by hand and crafting your piece with precision so it comes out beautiful! Make sure you measure your wrist properly before placing an order to ensure a perfect fit! And if you’re excited about receiving your watch and finding it hard to wait, check out some of the Cuckoo Nest reviews, which call the pieces “a masterpiece,” “beautiful work,” “gorgeous,” and a “perfect fit,” which definitely makes these pieces worth the wait to receive!

Women’s Watches and Watch Bands - Women’s watch bands and watches come in many styles, colors, and designs. Some have a theme, such as a nautical design, which has an anchor on the face and a dangling anchor charm. Many of the watch bands for women are wrap-style, which means the strap loops around the wrist several times, creating a bracelet effect that makes the watch look like beautiful jewelry. Another option for watches are cuff watches, which have a simpler, one-strap design.

Colors range from bright aqua or red to more traditional brown and black shades. Hanging charms and chains give the watches a bohemian edge that makes them instantly wearable and will absolutely have people stopping to ask where you got your watch! Watch bands to fit Apple watches are a popular seller and add customization to your Apple arm candy.

Men’s Watches and Watch Bands - Bands and watches for men are masculine and creative. Designs range from steampunk faces to more traditional faces, and styles offer wrap watches, cuffs, or simple strap designs. Some themes to check out include a US Army option, distressed bands, or studded bands for a truly standout design. There are also Apple watch bands available for men, ranging from aged leather designs to wrap designs or a more detailed cuff style. Burnt leather gives watches a retro, aged feel, and small details like chevron stitches or chains add touches to these pieces that make them even more special and beautiful.

The addition of a triangle-shaped watch face is a cool option to choose, and goes perfectly with a steampunk-style band. Customized bands are made to fit any shape, size, or style that you desire, making your watch or watch band a completely cool custom piece!

Accessories - Cuckoo Nest Art Studio isn’t just about watches; Paul crafts accessories as well. These include hand-tooled bracelets and keychains. Cuff bracelets can be worn by men or women, and offer intricate designs, such as Native American pieces, or studded styles. Customize your own bracelet and make it more personal by adding wording onto a brass metal plate that covers the top of the cuff, creating a beautiful, unique piece that’s all your own. There’s room for up to 24 characters on these distressed black cuffs.

Add a cool hand-stamped keychain to your keyring and prepare for compliments! These key holders are made from loops of veg-tanned leather and a metal tag that’s hand-stamped and added to the piece with rivets. Pick from ready made designs inscribed with words like “Breathe” or “Dreamer,” or customize your own design using up to 12 characters to make the keychain all your own. Keychains clip easily onto keys, an existing keyring, or even a bag or backpack.