Multilayer Silver Chain Bracelet

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Multilayer Silver Chain Bracelet

Look no further for an elevated and sophisticated look- the Multilayer Silver Chain Bracelet is here to upgrade your style! This beautiful bracelet features a 10mm wide interlocking chain that has been silver plated. Silver plating is when a base metal, like copper or brass, is coated in a very thin layer of sterling silver - this process allows for a more affordable piece of silver jewelry.

This exquisite bracelet also comes with a large lobster clasp closure so you can put it on effortlessly and have complete confidence that it will stay secure throughout the day. Although this bracelet is only available in one size (20cm), its sleek adjustable design will fit perfectly onto most 7 1/2" wrists.

But remember to keep it away from lotions and chemicals, as gold and silver plating may wear down over time due to the added exposure. With some love and care, you'll be able to enjoy this beautiful piece of jewelry for years to come!

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