Turquoise Bohemian Bracelet Elastic

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Turquoise Bohemian Bracelet Elastic

The perfect addition to your bohemian wardrobe – this exquisite Turquoise Bohemian Bracelet! Made from beautiful imitation turquoise beads and zinc-alloy, the dazzling bracelet is an eye-catching accessory with unique handmade appeal.

This precious stone has long been associated with many positive associations, including power, wisdom and luck. Turquoise is also known as the December birthstone, so if you have a special friend or relative who celebrates their birthday that month, this is a thoughtful present for them to keep close.

Aside from being a stunning decorative piece, what makes the Turquoise Bohemian Bracelet stand out are its adjustable elasticity settings. It’s incredibly easy to wear so you can slip it on or off with ease whenever you need it. Add some individual flair and boho vibes into your everyday styling – grab this gorgeous bracelet now and show off your chic sense of style!

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