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Boho Women's Leather Watch with Fleur De Lis Charm

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Boho Women's Leather Watch with Fleur De Lis Charm 

Women's leather boho wrap watch with fleur de lis antique brass charm that hangs from this band is packed with pizzazz, but the handmade piece comes with so much more than that. A multicolored round dial, vintage numbers and chic white leather straps capture the energy of Mardi Gras season in New Orleans.

The tags has "choose" and "joy" stamped in them right now. If you would like different writing on it, please fill out the text field. The tags can be customized up to 10 characters, including spaces on each side of the band.

•The band length is about 27 inches and it will go around your wrist 3-4 times, depending of the wrist size and the rest can be trimmed off. 

•It will fit for all wrist sizes. 

•Watch face size: 1 5/8" wide

•Japanese movement

•made from vegetable tanned leather

•handmade in USA